VoIP / SIP Connection Type

If you are using your own desk-phone or soft-phone then please check if your endpoint supports TLS, as by default all AppCaption endpoints such as our mobile/desktop apps and the desk-phones we supply are automatically configured to use secure TLS encryption.

As you are free to choose your own endpoints, if they don’t support TLS then your service will not work on our system right away – you will need to manually configure a TCP/UDP connection.

To do this you need to set the port to 5060.

For example when you signup you will get your own SIP account domain such as mycompany.appcaption.com.

This is the domain for your SIP extension in this case and when configuring your sip extension it needs to be entered as mycompany.appcaption.com:5060 which is a standard TCP/UDP connection.

So to summarise the following examples:

mycompany.appcaption.com = automatic TLS connection / no port specification needed

mycompany.appcaption.com:5060 = TCP/UDP connection / port specification needed which is port 5060

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